Cassondra Michelle is a versatile creative services boutique company that specializes in services geared towards production facilitation, creative direction, web design, choreography, acting, instruction and wellness services.

Co-Owner, Respire Massage & Spa/ Lead Massage Therapist

Respire Massage & Spa is a boutique style spa known for it's extraordinary massages, body treatments, detox services,  energy healing,  reflexology, infrared sauna therapy and a great staff that caters to your every need from the time you walk in the door.  We are one of the few locations in Georgia to provide specialty services, including Ashiastu Deep Feet Bar Therapy. Treat your spirit, mind and body to an experience that will completely RE-LAX, Re-NEW and RE-VITALIZE you by breathing life into your mind, body and spirit.  

My passion for helping others has been the motivation and encouragement that feeds my passion to constantly expand my skill set and knowledge.  I am  currently pursuing going to massage therapy instruction and creating my own continuing education course. To get detailed information on the menu of services and to book your appointment, please log onto

We assist clients with an online presence in order to promote their product, their brand, their services or their platform. This task includes the following:​

  • Planning site design by clarifying goals; designing functionality.

  • Developing site navigation by categorizing content; funneling traffic through content.

  • Developing site content and graphics by coordinating with copywriters and graphic artists; designing images, icons, banners, audio enhancements, etc.

  • Preparing site by installing and configuring server software; ensuring cross-platform compatibility; establishing links.

  • Establishing locatability by registering with search engines.

  • Upgrading site by updating content and graphics; monitoring performance and results; identifying and evaluating improvement options; introducing new technology; maintaining links.

  • Protecting site by designing and installing security precautions.

  • Maintaining site appearance by developing and enforcing content and display standards; editing submissions.

  • Updating job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.

  • Keeping equipment operating by following operating instructions; troubleshooting breakdowns; maintaining supplies; performing preventive maintenance; calling for repairs.

  • Accomplishing information systems and organization mission by completing related results as needed.


Bringing stories to life through the craft of storytelling. I have worked in various projects for stage and currently in training with The Actor's Clubhouse for television and film, embracing the Miesner technique under the direction of Nate Scott. The quotes below best express what is my inspiration for this creative form of art.


“…I don't think you can really be an effective actor if you're not curious about people and events. And if you're interested in things, you want to go deeper and you want to know more. At least, the thing [that's always] ignited my own excitement about working is to know more about somebody: What made them do this? What in God's name went wrong?”

“......I think there’s great worth in it. And the worth is in listening to people who maybe don’t even exist, or who are voices in your past, and through you, come through the work and you give them to other people. I think that giving voice to characters that have no other voice—that’s the great worth of what we do.”

~Meryl Streep


Art imitates life and through different spectrums of the artistic culture, we pride ourselves in bringing stories to life through movement and dance. We work directly with artists, studios, directors, producers and other creators in the arts to place work and pieces on different groups of dancers on the professional and recreational levels. We help to develop the skill set of dancers so that they are viable and prepared to pursue their passion and utilize their skills in the entertainment industry. We have over 20 years of dance experience of the areas of:

  • Lyrical

  • Contemporary

  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz

  • Ballet

  • Modern

  • Dance Team/Competition 

  • Pilates/Yoga/Body Flow


No production or project is successful without a great support staff. We provide the following services in this area:

  • Producing

  • Creative Direction

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Casting Setup & Facilitation

  • Production Assistance

  • Catering

  • Editing

  • Production Office Coordination

  • Content Producer